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Registration Agent of Imported Drugs: How to Choose The Right Drugs?

Date: 2019-12-23
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  Don't think the more famous the drug is the better, and imported drugs are better than domestic drugs. In fact, these are all medication errors! So, what are the right drugsNow the import drug registration agent will show you.



① Drug description

What circumstances can not be used, which drugs and which drugs can not be used together, these are important contents in the drug manual, which must be read carefully before use.

② Combined with the actual situation

The choice of drugs should consider their own situation, and choose what is suitable for them and affordable within the economic scope.

③ The price is not necessarily high

When choosing drugs, we should first correct the symptoms. If there is something wrong, the best medicine will not help, even cause adverse reactions. After determining the drugs to be taken, if you have any questions about the safety or cost performance of drugs from different manufacturers, you can ask professional personnel for answers. In addition, it depends on the effect, indication and toxicity of the drug.


④ What disease to treat and what medicine to choose

The over-the-counter drugs can be used according to the instructions of the drugs. However, the prescription drugs must be diagnosed by the doctors, and then the specific treatment plan should be put forward, and then the drugs should be used according to the treatment plan.

The above is the introduction from editior of pharmaceutical APIshoping to help you.

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