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Pharmaceutical Raw Materials: The Recycling of API Wastewater has These Advantages.

Date: 2019-08-29
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When it comes to pharmaceutical API wastewater, many people frown. In fact, the recycling of pharmaceutical API wastewater is also beneficial. Let's take a look at the following small weaving of pharmaceutical raw materials.

① From an economic point of view, the recycling of API wastewater not only saves water resources, but also reduces the cost of sewage discharge and other costs, which has significant economic benefits.

② From the perspective of water volume, the wastewater volume of API in biological industry, industry, medicine, etc. is almost the same as that of water, while rainwater is seasonal and random, which can be reused as reclaimed water.


③ From the perspective of engineering construction, the quantity of API wastewater is much smaller than that of tap water.

④ From the perspective of water quality and recycling technology of API wastewater, the organic content of wastewater from biological industry, industry, medicine and other industries is relatively high. At present, the technology of wastewater utilization has been developed, and water treatment technology can meet its technical support.

The reuse of API wastewater can achieve the goal of no secondary pollution. The excess sludge can be fermented through the anaerobic layer of the septic tank. It can be used as fertilizer to grow grain, and the exhaust gas of the equipment can be filtered through each layer. It will not produce peculiar smell, and can reduce the noise produced by the recycling of API wastewater through certain treatment.

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