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How to Choose Decolorization Technology of API

Date: 2019-06-24
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APIs are intended to be used in the manufacture of any substance or mixture of substances.  When used in a drug, it  will become the active ingredient of the drug. Decolorization of APIs has always been a concern. we will introduce the decolorization technology of API to you.


Generally, APIs is white. For some colored impurities in APIs, we need to decolorize them. API impurities are generally macromolecular organic compounds containing groups. In most cases, API or isomers of similar substances close to API, but the content is low. If they are removed, appropriate decolorizing materials need to be selected. If the content is low, active carbon and other materials can be selected without specific too strong selectivity. Active carbon is acidic, alkaline and neutral, and stable properties will not bring about New impurities. If we consider that activated carbon will cause material loss, we can find a suitable macroporous adsorption resin without API adsorption. The decolorization effect and effect will be better, and the quality and impurity precision will be higher.

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