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The Approval Time for Imported Medicinal Materials is Expected to be Halved

Date: 2019-05-30
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Xinhua news agency, Beijing, May 19 (Xinhua) -- it was learned from the State Drug Administration that the 'measures for the administration of imported drugs' had recently been promulgated and would come into force on January 1 next year. 'The method will further strictly implement the implementation standards of imported medicinal materials and strengthen the traceability management.' The head of the drug registration administration of the State Drug Administration said.


One of the highlights of the 'measures' is to implement the reform requirements of 'release and management service'. The examination and approval authority is entrusted: the applicant imports medicinal materials for the first time, and the State Drug Administration entrusts the Provincial Drug Administration for examination and approval. Where the applicant applies to the local provincial drug regulatory department for import, the provincial drug inspection institution where the applicant is located shall undertake the sampling inspection. If the applicant meets the requirements, it shall approve the import of medicinal materials at one time. In order to simplify the procedures for the import of non first imported medicinal materials, the importing unit may directly handle the filing of imported drugs and obtain the customs clearance form for imported drugs. 'In the past, applicants had to submit materials to Beijing. According to laws and regulations, it would take 40 working days to complete the examination and approval,' the person in charge said After the implementation of the measures, the applicant can submit materials and submit them for inspection in the vicinity. The approval time can be up to 20 working days, which can save half of the time. '

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