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Imported API: how to refine API

Date: 2020-03-24
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The choice of purification method depends on the value and properties of the active ingredients to be obtained.

The selective crystallization of water-soluble compounds is a simple and low-cost method, but the relative purity is required in the early stage.

Fat soluble compounds are complex. A common method is solvent extraction, followed by distillation, and then based on the purity to determine whether chromatography is needed.

If the purity of polysaccharide is not high, ethanol precipitation effect is relatively good. To find high purity polysaccharide, membrane filtration can be considered.


The general method of the general biological fermentation liquid is: resin enrichment (according to the content of the compounds or not) ion chromatography crystallization recrystallization; some compounds can consider silica gel elution, GPC solvent evaporation crystallization; many compounds in traditional Chinese medicine research consider supercritical extraction; high-value protein may need to be adsorbed by antigen and antibody, and then purified.

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