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Why do API and Equipment Cooperate?

Date: 2019-03-19
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In the face of such strict requirements, many API enterprises are afraid, and some small enterprises have gradually withdrawn from the market due to various pressures. However, there may be some real powerful brand enterprises taking the high-end line in the world. Although some traditional enterprises have increased environmental inspection and infrastructure investment, transformation and upgrading are not inevitable. The so-called cold lip, in the face of the new storm of API, API equipment industry is also facing tremendous pressure and challenges, and relevant enterprises have to consider looking for new development direction.

Adopt new technology to reduce production links and pollution. Some experts said that in the face of the new situation, API enterprises will inevitably strictly control the whole production process and technology, and safety and environmental protection will become the focus of API market competition. In order to promote the safe production of raw materials, the enterprise abides by the rules of raw material market, promotes green environmental protection, develops and produces high-tech equipment, promotes the safe production of raw materials, and gradually changes to the green high-end market.

It is understood that some API equipment in developed countries pay more attention to environmental protection, energy conservation, safety and stability, and automation design is more practical. Compared with the advanced equipment in developed countries, the industrial structure of API equipment in China is unreasonable, the level of R & D is low and the circulation is strong. Use low function, high energy consumption and many other problems. The year before last, a new storm of APIs came. In order to ensure that the quality of raw materials produced is not affected by the processing process, API constantly introduces advanced technology and innovative equipment functions to ensure that the drugs will not be used for processing. Come to impurities and pollution. According to industry insiders, these API equipment should not only prevent external microorganisms and other bacteria from mixing into the reaction materials, but also have the functions of in-situ cleaning and in-situ sterilization.

China is a big exporter of APIs, but not a powerful country. With the increase of supervision and the promotion of consistency evaluation policy, China's API industry is speeding up the concentration of production capacity and forcing enterprises to improve their core competitiveness by eliminating the fittest and the fittest. As the 'engine' of API, API equipment enterprises should constantly promote technological innovation and upgrading. For example, the development and application of online corrosion control technology, modular process combined technology, dehydration process combined with hydraulic expandable diaphragm technology and simulation virtual technology in API equipment need to be further strengthened.

The development direction of API equipment is to strengthen the upgrading and transformation of API equipment, promote the application of new technologies of API equipment, realize the recycling of API equipment, green energy conservation and environmental protection, and ensure the safe, reliable and pollution-free production of API. In the face of API storm, only by continuously innovating, abandoning the traditional malpractice and having independent intellectual property rights, can API equipment be invincible in the fierce competition.

In order to improve the voice of raw materials, we must continue to strengthen the inspection of API manufacturers, pay attention to various risk signals and clues, and ensure the quality and safety of raw materials.

In the face of this phenomenon, China's API should improve its quality and enhance its competitiveness. As the equipment of API production, API equipment should set an example, constantly improve the technical level and quality of equipment, and ensure the green production safety of raw materials.

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