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Company Culture
桐晖药业企业精神Enterprise Spirit
loveachievement of excellence
Love Tosun pharma,Create brilliant together! 
Enterprise Mission
Professional service provider of great health industry!
Business Objectives
Create health and happiness for human beings!
Enterprise Conviction
Quality, Integrity, Professional, Excellence and Win-win!
桐晖药业管理文化Enterprise Culture
Focus on participation and few management , establish a fair, just, honest and efficient management system
In order to achieve this goal, we implement a self-management system in which all employees participate. Everyone is a manager as well as a managed person. The main basis of management design is to effectively decompose the company's various strategic plans through a visible, refined, closed-loop, 360 degree value evaluation performance appraisal system and innovative, optimized and efficient process management
Management Emphasis
 Objective Management +Time Management+Process Management+100% Closely Communication+Rapid Training System
桐晖药业行动理念Action Concept
Having the enterprising spirit of 'Don't put off till tomorrow what should be done today, efficient, innovative, rapidly growth, seeking truth from facts, active, positive, highly responsible, meticulous and improving'.
Staff Quality Requirements:Should have the quality of initiative development, rejection of mediocrity and  pursue  transcendence. 

Loyalty: love our company--- Tosun pharma provides a competitive platform and respects employees' self realization. We also hope that our employees are open-minded, loyal, honest and selfless, true and honest, loyal to the company, work, employees, customers, and strive for excellence to achieve the interactive growth between the enterprise and employees.

Dedication: love your job --- We should be conscientious, hardworking, respectful and proud of our work. We should strive to keep improving, carry out our work creatively and efficiently, and make great contributions to the country, the society and the enterprise.
Harmony: love colleagues---Mutual understanding, mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual encouragement, mutual benefit, mutual cooperation, unity and sincere cooperation.
Innovation: love research --- Innovation is the driving force for sustainable development of enterprises. We advocate innovation, create a relaxed environment for innovation, keep innovating, dare to surpass and win the future!
桐晖药业企业VICorporate Image
Implied Meaning of Corporate Logo
The center dot represents the sun, and the five petals around it represent the five continents of the earth. It symbolizes that Tosun pharma will bring the light of human health like the sun and can create a perfect service platform for human health. It is Tosun pharma ultimate goal to shine and heat for the progress of human health.

The moral of Tosun in English:

Run to the sun, and approach the perfection of the sun to the maximum extent. Tosun pursues the spirit of the sun, which is as complete and perfect as the sun---transmitting health, hope and warmth. Tosun pharma, as an enterprise, should be as brave as the sun to assume the social responsibility of an enterprise, provide high-quality products and services, and benefit mankind. Every person in Tosun should be a person who is beneficial to the society, a person who strives for perfection, a person who can bring warmth and love to others like the sun.

The moral of Tonghui in Chinese:

Tonghui is looking forward to developing together with all Tonghui worker, business partners, and consumers to create a bright future and wonderful life.

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