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China Drug Registration

In China, we have successfully declared and accepted more than 200 varieties, which can help you quickly interpret Chinese laws and regulations and minimize the budget and the risk of failure. Know More

Innovative drug & preparation registration agent

We cooperate with more than 90% of Chinese pharmaceutical companies and laboratories, and can quickly help you establish contact with local Chinese pharmaceutical companies. Know More

Global preparation technology transfer

With more than 20 years of industry experience, I can provide you with preparation technology transfer services in China and the world. Know More

Pharmaceutical Research Service

Clinical experience in gastroenterology, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, tumor, psychiatry, endocrinology and other fields provides exclusive communication channels. Know More

Channel distribution

We have been cultivating in China for many years and have established a sales network covering the whole China, which can help you quickly enter the market. Know More

Other registered agents

In China, we can also provide you with registered agent services in medicine, medical equipment, cosmetics, and health food. Know More

Global supply of products

We provide a global supply platform to meet your purchasing and sales needs
In China, we have successfully applied for more than 200 varieties, covering multiple therapeutic areas. Know More
Reference preparation
Successfully imported 4000+ reference preparations and cooperated with more than 200 pharmaceutical companies in China. Know More
Impurity reference substance
I can provide a complete variety of impurity reference products at low prices. If you have high-quality sources, we can also provide sales channels. Know More
We can provide a large amount of stable, epidemic prevention materials that meet international standards. Know More


Your Powerful & Reliable Business Partner in China
Global supply network
Low price & stable supply
Proficient in regulations
Professional clinical trial team
20 years of experience
Good industry reputation
Tosun United Pharma and Group is committed to making due contributions to the cause of human health. At present, the group holds two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Guangzhou Tosun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Tonghuitong Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.Guangzhou Tosun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.is a GSP (CRO) company that meets the requirements of modern management. It is the leader in the field of imported API segmentation. In the past 20 years, the company has always adhered to the... Know More


Good industry reputation
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